Janet Frame In Her Own Words — 02.11.11

Janet Frame In Her Own Words presents Janet Frame's public writings and her speeches made "on the record" from nearly 70 years of her life (from ten years old to shortly before her death at the age of 79).

Janet Frame In Her Own Words (Penguin NZ (November 2011).

The collection has been elected and edited by Frame's executors Denis Harold and Pamela Gordon

For the first time ever, this collection brings together Janet Frame's published short non-fiction in one collected volume, as well as material never seen before. Letters spanning 50 years of Frame's life are published alongside essays, reviews, speeches and extracts from interviews. This startling collection provides an unprecedented range of factual writings about herself, her life and her work. It reveals many aspects Janet Frame's character that will challenge some long-standing myths and preconceptions about New Zealand's most famous author.  (Sourced Penguin).

News and views from Janet Frame's Literary Estate