Indian Ink in the USA — 29.11.12

Arts Foundation Laureate Jacob Rajan wants to take on the world and you can help

Help Indian Ink's dreams come true in New York City

In January next year Indian Ink have an incredible opportunity to present Guru of Chai Off Broadway during APAP.

The APAP conference is the world's largest networking forum and marketplace for performing arts professionals, over 3500 presenters, artists managers, agents and arts leaders from 28 countries will arrive in New York City for five days. This is the window Indian Ink will have to sell their show to the USA.

The Arts Foundation is thrilled that Indian Ink have an opportunity to showcase their unique theatre along side the world's best to the world's most influential arts buyers at the world's biggest performing arts market! They have a top US agent David Lieberman promoting them who will make sure
the right people see performances and book future tours.

Help them to achieve their dream of international success.

Indian Ink have launched a pledgme crowd funding campaign so that we can all help them get to New York. Any donation, no matter the amount will help. They need to raise $18,000 in less than 30 days, so go on, make a difference today! 

Indian Ink say "Help us make it in NYC. International touring feeds us creatively and makes Indian Ink sustainable so we can continue to create work that nourishes people and transports audience".

Jacob Rajan is a writer and performer who has brought a unique brand of theatrical magic to the New Zealand stage.  He received a Laureate Award from the Arts Foundation in 2002.
Image:  Jacob Rajan, in The Guru of Chai, by Robert Catto