In the Memorial Room by Janet Frame — 13.11.12

'In the Memorial Room' - there is one last novel from Janet Frame to come - to be published by Text Publishing, March, 2013

- Have you seen it?
I thought for a moment she was talking of the new comet which everyone had been hoping to glimpse as it was supposed to droop its tail over the Côte d'Azur at six the previous evening.
- No, I couldn't see it, I said. - I think it's a hoax.
A defensive, determined light, which I was to grow used to, came into Connie's eyes.
- I don't think that's the way to talk of the Memorial Room.
I was apologetic.
- No, no, I was thinking of the comet. Yes, I've seen the room.
- Did you
feel Rose Hurndell there?
A lustful thought came to me and I couldn't help smiling. Then I cleared my throat.
- Oh yes. The place reminds me of a grave.

Janet Frame's previously unpublished novel draws on her own experiences in Menton as a Katherine Mansfield Fellow. It is a wonderful social satire, a send-up of the cult of the dead author, and-in the best tradition of Frame - a fascinating exploration of the complexity and the beauty of language.

To be published by Text Publishing 27 March 2003.