Gregory O'Brien will give the Friends of the Turnbull Library Founder Lecture — 24.06.13

This year's Friends of the Turnbull Library Founder Lecture is to be given by Gregory O'Brien at 6.00pm, 3 July 2013 - Spectrum Theatre, BP House, Johnston St, Wellington

The Friends of the Turnbull Library Society's annual Founder Lecture will delivered this year by Arts Foundation Laureate, art-writer, poet, anthologist and essayist, Gregory O'Brien, who will discuss Imagination and Research in art and literature.

The Friends of the Turnbull Library society promotes public interest in the Alexander Turnbull Library and supports its activities

Gregory has spent much of the past three decades exploring the adjacent territories of imagination and research, of inspiration and scholarship. In this lecture, he will discuss how curiosity and a state of wonderment are an important component in non-fiction writing, just as research, observation and analysis can be integral to poetry. In this illustrated lecture, O'Brien will draw examples from across recent New Zealand art and literature, as well as from his own work. He will look at how the forms of poem, essay and biography - and, for that matter, visual art-work - function as information-bearing structures while, at the same time, relying upon an imaginative/creative animating principle.

The 2013 Founder Lecture by Gregory O'Brien: 'Imagination and Research (in art and literature)' is open to the public but RSVP is essential as space is limited.

Email for Enquiries and RSVPs - (04) 479 5580.

Image by Sam Hartnett