Frame novel translated into French — 15.07.10

Towards Another Summer will be translated into French.

Janet Frame wrote Towards Another Summer 43 years before her death, but considered it too personal a novel to be published in her life time. It was published posthumously in 2008, and will now be translated into French.

The book was written after a weekend visit to the home of a journalist, his New Zealand-born wife and their neat, loving children in the north of England. Frame said the weekend had become "stuck in the gullet" of the novel she was working on at the time, The Adaptable Man. She considered Towards Another Summer too personal to be published in her lifetime - quite a claim, given the extraordinarily confessional nature of her published autobiographies, written some twenty years later.

Paralyzed by anxiety, the protagonist, New Zealand expatriate novelist Grace Cleave, moves messily through the warmth and intimacy of a stranger's home while struggling to answer the question: where is one at home in the world?

An agreement was recently reached between the Janet Frame Estate and Gallimard imprint Editions Joelle Losfeld for a renewal of the rights of eight of Frame's titles formerly published by Losfeld, as well as the rights to Towards Another Summer.

The novel has been translated into German, Dutch, Brazilian, Swedish. Norwegian, Danish, Turkish, Italian and Spanish, with other negotiations pending.