Countdown begins for Arthur Meek — 10.06.13

Arthur Meek - the third recipient of the Harriet Friedlander Residency heads off to New York on 24 June 2013. Read what he has to say...

"The countdown begins. I'll be leaving on the 24th of June, and Penelope and I are working to reduce our lives down to a suitcase each.

This adventure is going to start with a virtually clean slate. We're staying in Brooklyn for our first month, then we'll see where our interest takes us as we decide which part (or parts) of New York we'd most like to live. I'm leaving plenty of space in my plans for inspiration to strike in terms of what I'll be doing, though I've just been told through Auckland Theatre Company that my play On the Upside Down of the World has been invited to the United Solo theatre festival in New York in November. It's a slight coincidence, but I'm excited that part of my residency will involve seeing my  work on stage on 42nd Street.

Talk about living the dream."

On the Upside Down of the World  is being performed by the Auckland Theatre Company from 30 June - 16 July before touring to Wellington and Tauranga.

Supported by the Arts Foundation, the Harriet Friedlander Residency sends an artist to New York for as long as $80,000 will last them.

Arthur Meek - presented with his residency in October 2012.  Image by Sam Hartnett