Celebrating Forsyth Barr — 29.04.10

Forsyth Barr are the inaugural Honorary Lifetime Partner of the Arts Foundation

At the annual Award for Patronage ceremony, held in Auckland on 28 April, 2009,  Ros Burdon, Arts Foundation Chairman, announced Forsyth Barr as the inaugural Honorary Lifetime Partner of the Arts Foundation. 

This permanent patronage position has been established to honour sponsors who have been partners with the Foundation at the highest level for five years or more and, most importantly, the partnership must have resulted in significant benefits for the arts.  

"With Forsyth Barr we have donated over $2.5 million to artists, honoured over a hundred artists and connected thousands of New Zealanders with artists at over 100 events throughout New Zealand.  Forsyth Barr has made a major difference to our artistic landscape, something they can be very proud of," Ros said.

Sir Eion Edgar, Forsyth Barr Chairman, was honoured to accept the lifetime patronage. "The Arts Foundation launched with a bold vision: to bring patronage of the arts to life in New Zealand. This has been achieved, and we are very proud to be a part of it. Seeing the look on the faces of the recipients of donations and knowing that it is making a difference to their lives has been hugely rewarding for Forsyth Barr. It has strengthened our commitment to corporate patronage.