BUDDHIST RAIN — 30.09.10

Rattle records latest release 'Buddhist Rain' features settings of Bill Manhire's (Laureate) poems to music by Norman Meehan - now available for purchase.

Rattle Record's latest release, Buddhist Rain which consists of settings by Norman Meehan of poems written by Bill Manhire. Hannah Griffin provides the graceful vocals,sensitively supported by Norman on piano and the ever-inventive lyricism of Colin Hemmingsen on reeds.

This is the first vocal album offered by Rattle, and they are happy to be collaborating with Bill Manhire and Norman's trio of musicians.

Sample tracks are on Rattles website and purchase through the site is possible.

Aa series of concerts were organised to celebrate the launch.

Norman Meehan and Bill Manhire
with Hannah Griffin (voice) and Colin Hemmingsen (reeds)
Award-winning poet, Bill Manhire, and composer/pianist Norman Meehan have collaborated to create the first settings of Bill Manhire's poetry. Sung by Wellington chanteuse Hannah Griffin, the songs are predominantly ballads strong on melody and mood.

Bill Manhire is one of our best-selling and most enjoyed poets. Norman Meehan is a well-established composer and performer, whose album THE BELLS was nominated for Best Album in the 2008 NZ Jazz Awards. This album follows the strong SUN MOON STARS RAIN, in which Norman set poems by e.e. cummings, again with Hannah singing.

Bill Manhire: "I had mixed feelings when Norman first got in touch about setting my poems. Didn't they have music already? But I
like what he did with them enormously - I feel that he has somehow found new cadences and melodies in the words that are as true
as anything I felt was there originally. And I love Hannah's voice."
Norman Meehan: "Having set, performed and recorded some poems by e.e. cummings, I was interested in working with material
closer to home. A friend gave me a pile of New Zealand poetry books, and as much as I enjoyed them, the poems didn't really spark
musical ideas for me, until I started reading Bill Manhire's Collected Poems. Over the first two weeks of looking at these poems, I
had written six songs, which is incredibly productive for me, but the poems were so rich and pregnant with music they just kind of
popped out."