'Boy' — 20.09.10

Taika Waititi's film Boy was nominated for 13 awards at the Qantas Film and Television awards (18 Sept) - it won seven including best film, best director and best supporting actor for Taika's performance as father Alamein.

Taika Waititi (New Generation artist) - gained the number one spot at the New Zealand box office after a hugely successful opening weekend. Boy pulled in $607,471 and managed to comfortably beat two major Hollywood 3D family films - How to Train your Dragon and Alice in Wonderland.

'Boy"  became the highest grossing New Zealand comedy of all time,  just four weeks after the film's release.

When announcing the Award  for Boy, the Generation Kplus International Jury said: "With a genuine voice and a remarkable spirit, the winner is a film with bold direction, a fearless risk-taker. It tackles difficult subject matter not with preaching, sentimentality or self-pity but with humour, often treating tragedy and comedy simultaneously. Because it's so enjoyable it is easy to underestimate the depth of this film. It is a rich mix of ideas which strike and collide to create poetic moments that speak, despite the remote location, to all of us today. With fantastic charismatic performances all around, including a striking moustache on the director."

is financed by the New Zealand Film Fund, NZ Film Commission, Unison Films, NZ On Air, Maori Television Service and Te Mangai Paho. The film has been released in New Zealand through Transmission Films on 25 March, 2010.

Image courtesy of the NZ Film Commission