Boosted Updated — 24.05.12

An update on the Arts Foundation's new crowdfunding website,

The Arts Foundation has announced that it is building Boosted, a crowdfunding site for the arts in New Zealand - and we've been inundated with project ideas.   Keep the registrations coming!  We are reading all of your project ideas and will provide answers to your questions. 

Boosted is busy behind the scenes. Code for the website is being written, brand is under development and we are processing applications for the roles of Boosted Manager and Boosted Administrator.  We have pencilled September 18 as our launch date.   We plan to go live with a number of campaigns selected from around New Zealand, so if you have registered a project with us, we will be in touch in a few weeks.

Crowdfunding works because many people pledge what they can spare to support a project that they are inspired by.  Our first job is to inspire people.

We have built a strong following at the Arts Foundation by connecting donors with artists' ambitions.  Getting the language right to communicate what is exciting about the arts takes careful consideration, but it's not rocket science.  Here are some things to start thinking about to help the Arts Foundation connect projects with donors.

  1. Start with your work. We find that some artists find it hard to talk about themselves, but come to life when explaining how they create. If you are comfortable talking about what you do then you have a powerful tool to connect people with projects. If being anonymous is part of your practice, then a dialogue around why this is important will fascinate some donors;
  2. Each project contributes to a life of achievements. Donors are keen to know how a project contributes to a career and/or artistic vision over many years;
  3. The Arts Foundation will provide an environment that enables donors to see how they are contributing to a better New Zealand. Artists will be asked how what they are doing is part of the global progression of the arts. This doesn't mean it all has to be cutting edge, but it needs to be going somewhere.

The collective ambition of the thousands of artists working on projects right now is like a heartbeat that is exciting, vibrant and vital.  In the arts we already know this, and many people in audiences do as well.  It's time to start talking about it. Boosted will connect New Zealanders with this movement, engage them and inspire them to participate in the arts as donors.

In our next update we will talk about the importance of thinking long-term.  Stay tuned and help us spread the word.

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Above image:  Trash to Fashion Awards (2006) - Costume Design and Performance Art Direction by The Arts Foundation New Generation Award recipient Kate Parker (Red Leap Theatre). Photograph by Glenda Roberts.