Boosted has now launched — 21.03.13

The Arts Foundation is very proud to have launched Boosted, its crowdfunding website.

For the first time you can explore the projects that are listed on Boosted ! We welcome you to join, create a user profile and support the Arts of New Zealand.

There are a number of Arts Foundation Award recipients with projects.  You can view these:

Christchurch Art Gallery
Sam Hamilton

Holly Mathieson
Kate Parker

Thanks to Evija Trofimova for writing about Boosted's Christchurch launch:

Boosted, The Art Foundation's exciting new crowdfunding platform, got an early launch this morning with a celebratory coffee and breakfast held simultaneously in three different venues in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Fran Ricketts, the chair of The Arts Foundation Board of Trustees, opened the Boosted website at C1 Espresso café in central Christchurch at 8am 21 March.

How suited that Boosted got launched in this city right next to the temporary home of the Christchurch Art Gallery: Te Puna O Waiwhetu. One of the two Christchurch projects currently listed on the crowdfunding website is OUTER SPACES and its extension Populate!, which will take place during the gallery's 10th birthday in May. In the absence of its solid, permanent exhibition site, currently closed for post-earthquake repairs, the project presents "a gallery without walls", letting art leak from the confines of one building out into the city's inner and outer spaces. Boosted, same as the OUTER SPACES project, opens art up for public engagement and participation. The most exciting thing for the Boosted supporters is watching great artistic ideas materialise, grow, expand and populate their environment.

The projects featured on the Boosted website are also a bit like the gigantic colourful balloons from Seung Yul Oh's exhibition Huggong, one of the two OUTER SPACES shows that, alongside Reuben Paterson's Te Pūtahitanga ō Rehua just a block away, likewise got opened this morning. They look happily heavy, pregnant with potential, as if about to burst, yet give them a little more boost, and they might just take off.

Christchurch is currently featured on Boosted with two different projects: Christchurch Art Gallery's OUTER SPACES with its extension Populate! Help Populate Christchurch with Art, and Tiffany Singh's Fly Me Up to Where you Are, which is fundraising to bring Tiffany's work to the city for Christchurch Festival of Arts in August this year.

OUTER SPACES exhibitions launched in Christchurch today (21 March 2013):

Seung Yul Oh: Huggong 21 March - 24 April / Level 1, Tuam Street (Christchurch Art Gallery's new temporary space)
Reuben Paterson: Te Pūtahitanga ō Rehua 21 March - 24 April / 212 Madras Street (Christchurch Art Gallery's other temporary space)