Art makes the world a better place — 11.01.17

We need great insight to solve the world's greatest problems. We need inquisitive minds to contemplate, and discuss, important issues. We need art.

Throughout human history, the arts have played a central role in our ability to understand, enjoy, or question life, and to contribute to society as better human beings. We also need to laugh, dance, listen, play and watch work that entertains us and ignites our imagination.

We need healthy communities that grow together and share aspirations for a peaceful, healthy planet. We need shared values. We need art.

The Arts Foundation is a family of artists and patrons who know that a healthy society is one with vibrant and prolific arts communities. By providing important financial support to some of New Zealand's most ambitious artists, Arts Foundation Patrons ensure New Zealanders can access world-class artistic works made by New Zealanders.

By honouring extraordinary achievement in the arts, and contributions to New Zealand made by Arts Foundation Icon Award recipients, New Zealanders have a closer relationship with our great artists.

Through the Arts Foundation's crowdfunding website, Boosted, hundreds of arts projects have shared in over $3 million donated by people like you and me. At Boosted, people make art happen.

When you join the Arts Foundation as a Patron, make a donation on Boosted, or work with us to establish a capital fund, you ensure the arts are a vibrant, celebrated, and important part of New Zealand. And, because kiwi artists play on a global stage, you are making the world a better place.