5 new Laureates - A Riddle.. — 28.10.10

All 5 clues are now available to help you guess the FIVE NEW LAUREATES to be announced in Dunedin on 2 November. Each artist will receive $50,000.

We have prepared a riddle to see if you can guess this year's five Laureates.  We think it is pretty hard to guess all five, so if you know one or more names, then it is worth entering.  The best entries will go in a draw to win one of five mystery prize packs.  Submit your entry HERE

We will leave five clues between up to 29 October to help you solve the riddle of who the five 2010 artists will be.To be notified when clues are posted, register or follow us on facebook

The first is angelic - a cleric, no less -
but thieves on a train, after gold (of the chocolate variety)
can be brain-dead and keen to achieve notoriety.

Clue one for riddle one:

Our second is known for horror, the rockier kind.
He might set the table for three,
though he's rather more famous for throwing the crockery.

Clue two for riddle two:

Number three might sit down with our second, but never for long.
He has shooting in mind.
He'd take aim at a whale, an '81 Springbok, or twins of the yodeling kind.

Clue three for riddle three:

Four has already gone far in the sporting arena.
The Sydney Olympics,2000, well they set him up
and he's already picked by all women and men to score at the rugby world cup.

Clue four for riddle four:


Number five (there's no order, of course, this is done alphabetically)
draws from Baxter, James K.; and his cerebral notions
at all times result in most splendid commotion.

Clue 5 for riddle 5: