2013 Arts Foundation Icon Awards - a call for nominations — 29.11.12

Nominations are being sought for potential Icon Award recipients. The completed long-list will be presented, for consideration, to Arts Foundation Governors who will form the selection panel .

The Arts Foundation Icon Awards - Whakamana Hiranga, honour senior New Zealand artists for their extraordinary achievements.  These artists are recognised as leaders in their fields.  The Icon Award is the Arts Foundation's highest honour.  Icons are artists whose work represents a legacy to, and a mark on, our culture. They have made a significant impact on their chosen art form. They remain influential and inspirational and continue to be admired for their work. Selected during their lifetime, they are world-class.

Each Icon receives a medallion and pin designed by stone sculptor John Edgar (see image above).  The artist has the pin forever, while the medallion is presented to a successor at a future ceremony. 

Check further information on the Icon Awards and a list of previously awarded recipients

Nominations should include:

Name of artist:
Art discipline:
Date of birth:
Link to appropriate website:

Further detailed information may be sought for short-listed nominees.

Please send your nomination(s) by email via link below: