Kotahi. United. One.

Together, let’s amplify the impact our country’s most outstanding artists are having on New Zealand, whether it’s strengthening our cultural identity, furthering their discipline and communities, contributing to the wellbeing of Aotearoa, or leading important change.

Be part of Kotahi. Give to the arts

Ways to
make your mark

Individual Giving
Join Kotahi and amplify artists for the next three years, or give a one-off gift.

Your commitment will help us drive our new strategy to boost opportunities for artists, and amplify the impact they’re having on their communities and New Zealand.

Giving levels Annual gift with three-year commitment before tax credit Annual gift with one-year commitment before tax credit Give and give back
New to giving $500 $750 Be part of the Arts Foundation community, the first to hear what’s going on in the arts, and the first to secure tickets to Arts Ball (plus we’ll invite you to our small local events).
Art Backer $1,550 $2,000 Also two tickets to Arts Ball for you or your favourite artists (we’ll facilitate). And you’ll be invited to special events and discussions.
Mark Maker $5,550 $6,550 As well as being invited to special events, you’ll also be exclusively invited to the intimate Icon awards every 1-2 years (often held at Government House), and receive two tickets to Arts Ball for you or your favourite artists (we’ll facilitate).
Arts Investor $10,550 $12,550 Attendance to all events including ICONS, as well as special one-on-one moments with artists. Plus, two tickets to Arts Ball for you or your favourite artists (we’ll facilitate).
Arts Leader $25,550+ $30,000+ Join a very special group of leaders who are helping grow a culture of arts philanthropy in New Zealand. You'll also help the Arts Foundation be more sustainable. If you're able to commit for 10 years at this level, you'll have the opportunity to be one of a small group who each present a Laureate annually in your name. Bespoke benefits to be discussed.
Business Club
Be part of a creative collective of SME's

What’s in it for you? A table at Arts Ball for you and other clients or staff. We’ll invite you to an annual creativity and business evening where you can discuss the power of arts and creativity with likeminded businesses, our trustees and patrons. $7,550 per annum.

Make a Major Gift
Create a legacy now.

Thinking of stamping your personal mark on the arts? Please call us to talk bespoke opportunities for significant gifts. Call Jo on 027 431 4780 or email

Back an Award
Fund an Arts Laureate.

Be one of our leaders helping to take the arts in New Zealand forward with a generous philanthropic community. We’re offering the opportunity to present or support one of ten Laureates for ten years. Make your mark on a Laureate with an annual $25,000 gift that goes directly to an artist chosen by a carefully selected panel each year. You’ll also receive 2x tickets to Arts Ball for you or your favourite artists (facilitated by us). Learn more about our Laureate Awards, call Jo on 027 431 4780 or email

Leave a Legacy
Leave a legacy to the arts in New Zealand

Leaving a gift in your will, or to commemorate a dear friend or family member, is a beautiful way to make your mark by backing the work of New Zealand’s artists. Endow a Laureate award in your name with a legacy of $200,000, call Jo on 027 431 4780 or email

Be part of Arts Ball
Buy a ticket, back an artist to attend, or add to our auction

Be there at Shed 10 on 31 August to honour our artists, experience outstanding artistic entertainment, and galvanise a spirit of creativity and generosity. Secure your seat or back your favourite artists to attend. We’ll handle the logistics. We’re on a mission to raise $100,000 at Arts Ball to fund four year-long mentorships for our Springboard recipients. Contribute a major Arts Ball auction item to help back our next generation of New Zealand artists. Email us with your ideas.

Boost an artist project for as little as $5

Boosted is the only dedicated arts crowd-funding platform in the country, generating around $1,000,000 in financial support for artists every year. It boasts an impressive 85% success rate for each artist, leading the charge for crowdfunding platforms in our country. After six years in development and game-changing support from the Parkin Gift, we’re refreshing the web-platform to enable even more donations, and take Boosted to the next level. Go on, support homegrown talent from Kaitaia to Bluff. Boost an arts project today.