The Big Idea

The Big Idea | Te Aria Nui is New Zealand’s online hub for creative people. Our aim is to support talented, innovative individuals and organisations, back the creative industries and advocate for creativity as an essential ingredient in the cultural and economic wealth of New Zealand.

The Big Idea provides resources for the whole creative sector, including those seeking to turn their ‘big ideas’ into viable projects, careers and businesses. They are the go-to destination for work opportunities, event listings, arts stories and creative inspiration.

The Big Idea is a not-for-profit trust started in 2001 and is New Zealand’s longest running creative sector website.

The Trust’s three strategic goals are:

  1. Promote vocational pathways for enterprising creative people and increase public awareness about the role of creativity in New Zealand’s cultural and economic wealth.
  2. Develop and expand the skills and competencies of people and organisations. 
  3. Link, network and broker opportunities that enable enterprising people in the creative industries to grow their projects.

As the delivery partner of ART – Arts Regional Trust, The Big Idea delivers ART Venture, an acceleration programme, for experienced creative entrepreneurs who are leading projects that contribute to Auckland’s reputation as a strong, creative city.