2013 Recipient - Todd Family Patronage

The many members of the Todd family make significant donations each year through their major philanthropic trust, The Todd Foundation as well as many individual donations and grants, and through smaller family trusts such as the Todd Trust and the Moyra Todd Memorial Scholarship. The focus is mainly on groups working with children, youth and families, science, energy, the environment and the arts.

The Todd family has been in business in New Zealand since 1884 following Charles Todd's arrival in Dunedin from Scotland in 1870. Over the last 130 years , Charles and his descendants have been involved in gold mining, fellmongery, stock and station agencies, car importation and distribution, motor vehicle assembly, petroleum distribution, gas and oil exploration development and production, electricity generation, telecommunication and capital investment. Today, the Todd Group has a number of operating companies as part of Todd Corporation Ltd. The Group is engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas; electricity generation and the distribution of gas and electricity; and make strategic investments in New Zealand and Australia, particularly in the areas of telecommunications, property and wine.

The Todd family has a strong history of philanthropy, with the first formal Todd charitable trust established in the 1950s by psychiatrist Kathleen Todd for post-graduate study in this discipline. Twenty years later, Sir Bryan Todd instigated the Todd Foundation in conjunction with Andrew and John Todd as the flagship for Todd family philanthropy. Todd Corporation and Todd family members continue to provide on-going support to the Todd Foundation through annual donations, with family members actively involved in its governance and taking a keen interest in the foundation's activities. As well, family members have their own philanthropic trusts and Todd Corporation and its Companies are major sponsors of the arts, sports and youth initiatives.

Some examples of sponsorship and patronage are:

  • Sponsorship: NZ Symphony Orchestra - Todd Corporation Young Composer Award;
  • Sponsorship: NZ Festival of the Arts
  • Sponsorship: NZ Opera
  • Royal NZ Ballet Company: Todd Corporation Scholarship which enables a graduate from the NZ School of Dance to dance with RNZB for the following 12 months;
  • Sponsorship: Wellington Orchestra
  • Sponsorship: Todd Corporation Award for Young Enterprisers
  • Sponsorship: Downstage Theatre
  • Sponsorship: The Orpheus Choir of Wellington
  • Energy Scholarships
  • Assistance to Ben Baker, Violinist: To study at the Yehudi Menuhin School in England
  • The Todd New Writer's Bursary (with Creative New Zealand)
  • Charles Todd Scholarships: 5 scholarships awarded annually to the NZ Aeronautical Trusts Ltd for trainees to attend aviation training camps

The Todd Foundation provided total funding to NZ communities of $5.5m in 2012 up $700k from $4.8m in 2011. In addition to the Foundation's General Fund, there is Partnership Funding, the Working Together More Fund and the Special Focus Fund. In 2012 the Special Focus Fund concentrated on Arts projects in Christchurch such as Scape Biennial (legacy Public Art Work) - $170,0000; Te Toi Mana trust (Art Waka) - $36,447 and Arts Voice Christchurch Charitable Trust (Art Beat: Summer Exhibition and performance) $16,743.

Other significant Todd Arts related funding and sponsorships include:

  • $750,000 Auckland Art Gallery- Todd Foundation Learning Centre
  • $50,000 Around the World in 30 Lounges' exhibition Christchurch Art Gallery
  • $100,000 Development of Maori/Polynesian room and exhibits Waikato Museum
  • $3million Len Lye Centre, New Plymouth

Award for Patronage artwork by Chris Charteris, presented to the Todd family, 15 October 2013