Toluma’anave Barbara Makuati-Afitu

Barbara Makuati-Afitu

Arts Liaison Co-Lead

What I bring to the Arts Foundation:

I bring to the Arts Foundation a love and passion for the work that I do with Kolokesa Māhina-Tuai under Lagi-Maama, a cultural organisation we co-founded in August 2018. We work across different spaces to navigate, champion and broker on behalf of, and with our communities, who are always at the heart of what we do.

My experience in stakeholder relationship management, community engagement, funding and business will help navigate and create safer spaces for our arts communities.

Art is:

Art is telling a story. It’s a medium that allows the artist to share their story in that time and space.

Why people should contact me:

We are here to provide a safe space for EVERYONE! We are here to co-create this space with AND for you!

021 654 571