Are you an artist who needs funding? Are you a donor who wants to support an artist or arts project of your choosing? Here's how the Arts Foundation can help.

Almost any New Zealand artist or arts project qualifies to receive funds from the Arts Foundation under the terms and conditions of the Foundation's deed of trust. The deed of trust also states that part of the Foundation's purpose is to grow philanthropic support for the arts. 

When the Arts Foundation becomes aware of an arts project that needs support, it can accept donations for that project from donors. The Foundation can then make a grant (plus GST if registered) to the project, which is equivalent to the amount of donations made for the project, less a small administration fee.

Our crowdfunding website, Boosted, uses fiscal sponsorship every day. Thousands of donors and hundreds of arts projects have benefited from this way of activating philanthropic support for the arts. If you are an artist with a project that needs funding, we highly recommend you contact one of our Boosted team

If Boosted is not a solution for a project, then the project or their donor can contact the Arts Foundation about using fiscal sponsorship ‘offline’. This sometimes occurs if it is not appropriate to make the project public or if there are only one or two donors. 

When a donor makes an ‘offline’ donation to a project, 5% of the donation up to $15,000, and 2% of any funds more than that, are retained by the Foundation. 10% of the funds donated for projects on Boosted are retained. This is because we invest in providing support to Boosted projects and have to run a website. In all cases, 100% of the donation qualifies for a tax credit. So if you make a $100 donation to a Boosted project, it costs you $67 after you get your tax credit, the project gets $90, and we put $10 towards running the platform.

There are other ways of using fiscal sponsorship in the pipeline. For example, Arts Foundation Trustees are considering trialling a programme called ‘Shoulder Tap’. The idea is that a donor shoulder taps other potential donors to make gifts to the Foundation for a specific artist. The Foundation then shoulder taps the artist with an out of the blue gift that is the sum total of the donations (less the % retained). 

There are many powerful ways you can support the arts with your generosity. Donating to the arts is highly rewarding as it is a dynamic way to be part of the arts community and inspires exciting results. We welcome enquiries about any of our programmes. We especially want to hear from artists who are interested in having a deeper, philanthropic, relationship with their audiences.