Singer-Songwriter, Noir Protagonist, Promotional Coyote, One-Man Band, Production Svengali. Part wandering minstrel, part traveling salesman, one foot on the stage and one in the road. Six solo albums out and always one on the way. Tours and performances in seventeen countries, across oceans and continents. Awards here. Collaborations there. A non-stop whirlwind.

Enigmatic multi-instrumentalist Delaney Davidson both defines and commands his own unique realm in the shadowy musical world some call ‘Country-Noir’ or ‘Gothic Americana’, others ‘Alt-Country’, but most simply indefinable.  No wonder – he’s a hardworking miner of rich and varied musical ores from all over the world, a mad alchemist who produces wondrous new elements out of whole cloth. 

It must be something peculiar in the water in his land-of-origin, because vexing questions tend to arise with regularity around Delaney Davidson. He says he comes from New Zealand, but really, where did this guy come from?  Six years in Australia, Six Years in Switzerland, 10 Years on the road. And though he’s earned a bunch of country music awards, it’s a good bet most traditional country music-lovers have never heard anyone like him before.  

His inspirations range from Hank Williams and Howlin’ Wolf to The Birthday Party, from Johnny Cash through Suicide to Buster Keaton.  Reveling in the darker side of things, Davidson’s lyrical content dredges up classic murder ballads, songs with a deep insight into the human condition, and hypnotic trance takes on old blues classics. All liberally laced with an abiding sympathy for human quirks, failure, foibles and triumphs.  His rumpled stage persona combines an unconventional and unforgettable voice with a wry and twisted sense of humor. His performances are full of the unexpected, as likely to feature beer-hall antics and pantomime, as dance contests and audience participation. 


Born in Auckland. National Woman’s Hospital Father John Davidson Mother Glyn Abbott
Grows up on the Heathcote River. Listens to the sound of traffic in the Morning and Chuck Berry
Moves through Violin, Cello, Piano. Is given a big red guitar, starts playing Blues, trouble in school, gets kicked out and starts playing snooker
Dabbles in Hospitality Industry
Moves to Australia (looks for a new start and discovers the beginnings of restless legs syndrome). Flunks final year of school, works in kitchens, racecourses, pubs, care agencies, plays snooker for the circus, and starts playing drums
Begins dipping into Fine Arts: Painting and Etching. Discovers nocturnal landscape painting, and the expressive wipe technique of Intaglio printing. Mounts 8 exhibitions in 4 years: Oils, Etching and works on Paper
1998 visits Europe and overdoses on Classical Art
Moves to Switzerland Joins Dead Brothers and the Voodoo Rhythm Family in Switzerland. Hangs up apron after 12 years in kitchens, begins touring Europe full time and dabbles in film. Stars in several documentaries and has leading Role in feature film “The Road to Nod”- Slowboat Films
Releases 4 Albums in 4 years: 2007 Rough Diamond debut Album on Stink Magnetic, 2008 Ghost Songs on Rough Diamond Inc, 2009 Self Decapitation on Voodoo Rhythm Records, 2011 Bad Luck Man on Voodoo Rhythm Records. Wins Worlds Saddest Song Competition, Berlin. Wins Voodoo Rhythm One Man Band World Champion, Zurich. Produces “5 Videos” Series for Voodoo Rhythm Records
2011- 2014 Wins Apra Country Music Song of the Year 3 years running. Creates Sad But True Series Volumes 1,2 & 3 with Marlon Williams. Wins Tui for Country Music Album of the Year and is finalist for Silver Scroll Produces Tami Neilsons breakthrough Album “Dynamite” Releases “Swim Down Low” on Outside Inside Records
Releases 2 albums: “Diamond Dozen” on Squoodge Records, “Lucky Guy” on Rough Diamond Records. Produces “Don’t Be Afraid” for Tami Neilson is finalist for Taite Prize and digs deeper into film work. Records one album in Los Angeles, one album in France one album in Spain. Is awarded Arts Foundation Laureate Award in recognition of work to date and high quality of output
Releases album "The Devil in the Parlour"